February Update

With so many things going on within The Tipping Point and my personal life, and things happening so quickly - I got a request from a friend to summarize my monthly progress and experiences. Hopefully, these updates will help you get more clarity on what I do, and why I do the things I do.


Things that happened with The Tipping Point:

  • We hosted our first Tip Talks event, a topic-based discussion group on the theme of mental health & identity.
  • The first cohort of Tip Labs launched with 3 students! So far, we’ve been learning about health & wellness, mindset, mindfulness, and purpose.
  • I spoke for the UBC Science One class on knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing - and left a few students in tears.
  • I spoke as one of two keynote speakers at the UBC Mental Health Symposium hosted by the Mental Health Network. I was also inspired by Nicole Cardinal’s beading as a form of self-care and decolonization. #DecolonizingOneBeadAtATime
  • We created partnerships with Moment Meditation, Manifeast Nutrition, and Inner Alchemy Systems. I also became a brand ambassador for Wear Your Label, a mental health awareness clothing line. (Use code “JIYOUN10” for 10% off all items!)

Obstacles that turned into opportunities for growth:

  • I forgot to take my medication a few times. One of them led to an intense breakdown which required a full day of recovery. Lessons learned: Medication is important and it doesn’t make me weak. I am not my illness. Healing is not linear.

  • I let go of my DBT group therapy and my involvement in the Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses community. I felt intense shame realizing that I had to step back. Lessons learned: I will come across forks in the road. Taking one route doesn’t mean I’m quitting on the other route. I am not a quitter. I am setting boundaries and taking care of myself.

  • I discovered through UBC Confessions that someone had decided to not kill themselves on National Suicide Awareness Day because they saw my spreading awareness through free hugs on campus. This terrified me, that I had such an intense impact on people. Lessons learned: It is not my responsibility to save people. I have chosen to spread love, and the consequences of that love are out of my control.

  • For the past couple of months, I’ve been in a state of free-fall - excited that I’m flying but terrified that I’m falling. I felt grounded but so many things were flying around me and I was desperately grabbing for them. Lessons learned: Take a step back and observe what currently exists. I’m a flight centre learning to strategize how to land and fly all the big and small planes. Prioritize and strategize.


Things that increased my spiritual energy:

  • Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly has been teaching me about shame, vulnerability, perfectionism, scarcity and trauma. I’ve also been reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back on learning through love vs. fear.

  • Meditation takes a lot of practice and patience, so I invested in a guided meditation tool that uses neuroscience technology to ease into relaxation and rest.

  • My counselling sessions have been releasing me from the suffocation of past traumatic events. They’re always uncomfortable but always worth it.

  • I am blessed to be surrounded by good company and fellow mental health advocates in Vancouver. Someone who started as a mentor is also now one of my best friends. Compassionate companionship is key to spiritual healing.


 Thanks February for being a good one, of growth and love.