March Update

March felt… timeless. It felt like everything and nothing at the same time. Looking back at the month, I feel both fulfilled and a little exhausted.


  • I spoke at 3 different events at UBC. At the MHAC Defeat Depression Run, I met Santa Ono for the first time and he gave me a hug. I tried to bring in politics and work into the interaction but it didn’t happen. It was a human to human hug, between two suicide attempt survivors.

  • The two other speaking engagements were incredibly emotional. I shared my story with the audience and the vulnerability was reciprocated. We all shared tears and intense emotions. It felt really nice compared to the script that I usually present.

  • I am also now a part of a family called the #makeitREIGNcampaign. We are a group of entrepreneurial women who are using social media to initiate meaningful and important conversations about our stories - especially about mental health & chronic pain. We had our first weekend retreat at the beginning of the month and we all cried our eyes out.

  • The first cohort of Tip Labs is coming to an end. My three students have committed two months of their year to empower each other and work on themselves. To all of our surprise, we felt like family in just the first three weeks, having already shared laughter and tears. Although I’ve been the one delivering the majority of the content, we have learned so much from one another. There is so much growth and beauty when people from very different backgrounds, stories, and perspectives come together.

  • With that, I’ve started preparing for the second cohort. I’m very nervous; but I also have incredible hope. Tip Labs has proven to bring people together, to empower students to take control of their own lives and mindsets. I am excited to see how far this program goes.

  • In other exciting news, it has almost been a year since the tipping point of this movement - since I dropped out of school and wrote that blog post that thousands have read. I’m currently also organizing a one year anniversary event for Saturday, April 22nd so save the date!


  • I’m a workaholic. It’s an addiction. I’ve nearly burned out twice from overworking and not letting myself rest. I also commute 2-4 hours a day which is exhausting. Lesson learned: I’ve started listening to my body and my mind. I took a day off mid-month from work and technology. It was rejuvenating. I’m also learning that I need to make more time every day for myself.

  • I’ve also been emotionally exhausting myself. I have been talking people out of suicide, guiding students in supporting their suicidal friends, and replying to dozens of messages. Lesson learned: I’m learning to say no. I respectfully decline coffee dates and take longer to reply to messages. I struggle with the false idea that it is my responsibility. But it is not my responsibility to save people. It is my responsibility to do the best that I can, for myself first, and then for others.

  • Loneliness is a challenge. I went on my first travel trip on my own. It was also my first couchsurfing experience, first Uber ride, and first Tony Robbins event. The first night, I nearly cried myself to sleep. Lesson learned: I’m starting to spend more alone time with myself. To become comfortable being in solitude, listening to my own mind and body, befriending myself. I’m also letting myself feel lonely. To face the emotion and let it pass through me.



  • I struggled with anxiety around reading for the majority of my life until just last summer. NOW, I’M KILLIN’ IT. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK is blunt but wise. It helped me perceive a lot of important aspects of myself in a different light. I’m currently reading The Power of Now, which is an incredibly relevant book in my introductions into meditation and spiritual energy.

  • I had the privilege of attending The Real Talk Summit, hosted by Connor Beaton, the founder of ManTalks. Gary Vaynerchuck and Danielle LaPorte were the two keynote speakers. Danielle really spoke to my heart about spiritual wellbeing, and Gary V’s attitude really stuck with me. During his talk, he said “I agree that I’m one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time,” but he also said “I ain’t shit.” He is both of these things.

  • I attended Tony Robbins’ event in LA, Unleash the Power Within. It was a 4 day long rock concert for your mind and body. Having been in the personal development industry myself for a couple of months, I knew a lot of the content but I still got a few cool tools. It was interesting to see Tony’s methods and his incredible impact on the crowd of 9000 people. I also had the opportunity to see Dave Asprey of Bulletproof speak about maximizing your health & wellbeing. Oh, and I also walked over burning coals.

The first quarter of 2017 has been quite transformational.