College Dropout to Social Entrepreneur

College Dropout.jpg

Last fall, I was so lost.

I had dropped out of school, shared my story and decided to create a movement. I decided to devote the next year of my life to The Tipping Point, not knowing where it would take me and introduced it to the public. In two months, over 10 thousand people read my story through the Daily Hive and the Ubyssey and I still didn’t know what I was doing with my life.

So, I went to a meetup.

There, I met a woman who responded to my story with, “This is big. You could turn this into something.”

Through my own personal experience and the receiving of hundreds of messages from unhappy students, I realized one of the largest factors of mental illness amongst post-secondary students: the fear of uncertainty and the shame/denial of it. Add a heavy workload, student loans, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities and commuting. And then you graduate, and you “might” get a job in the field of your study. I, too, struggled with this uncertainty during my university career, and I trudged through in denial of my interests and health. And then I got really sick. A lot of young people get really sick this way.

So through some networking, emotional conquests, tremendous learning, and A LOT of work, I created Tip Labs, a self-development, peer-empowerment program for young adults.

It is based on the premise that university can’t teach us everything. It focuses on the three pillars of health & wellness, personal development, & professional development - all crucial but undervalued components of success.

And now the first cohort has come to an end. In the past few months, I have had the privilege of guiding my first few students through their own self-doubts, insecurities and uncertainties. We have learned so much from each other, about different interests, various worldviews, and most importantly, about ourselves. We have celebrated the little wins together, uplifted each other through pains and tears, and have become a type of family in just a few months.

I want to acknowledge the courage and growth of these friends. It is not easy to step back from the chaos of our everyday tasks and to reflect on ourselves and the bigger picture of life. I congratulate them for their willingness for introspection and self-investment.

I also want to thank these peers and the rest of The Tipping Point community. This community has turned a college dropout into an entrepreneur, a mental health advocate, and a dreamer. This community has given me the hope and purpose to help me rid myself of my chronic suicidal intent and to reconnect with myself. So thank you for helping me grow and flourish. Thank you for encouraging me to dream big and DO THE WORK. Thank you for making me feel alive, and being alive with me.

Registration for the second cohort of Tip Labs is now open!

Also, join us in celebrating the one year anniversary of The Tipping Point!