Self-care Strategies

Self-care is a common term but it can still be confusing as to what it is. Here are some questions that can help you explore different methods of self-care.

→ What feeds your soul?

→ What recharges you?

→ After you’re done, what makes you feel at peace and content?

→ What contributes to the betterment of your body, mind, and soul? 

There are a lot of self-care tips and tactics online, here are my top 7 self-care strategies:


1. Pamper Yourself

This is a common one. I feel good when I look good. So I’ll take a shower or bath, put on a face mask, dress up, and put on makeup. I like to start this process with Eminence’s Balancing Masque Duo (the most refreshing and effective face mask I’ve ever used!), and finish my makeup routine with RMS Beauty’s Living Luminiziner to give me a natural glow to add to my big smile. Both products are by Green & Pure, an organic beauty business in Richmond! My face has been ON POINT lately. I also like to treat myself to get lash extensions by my friend Jacqueline once in awhile.


2. #Adulting

This isn’t fun, but once the tasks are done, I feel much more at peace. It involves cleaning my room, getting rid of junk & old clothes, doing the dishes/laundry, and tracking my expenses. I’ll also book my next appointment with my counsellor and get my prescription medications from the pharmacy. Taking care of myself isn’t always fun but it’s always worth it.


3. MOVE!

Exercise has been such a key part of my well-being in the past couple of years. I can definitely tell a difference between the months I don’t exercise and the months when I do. Powerlifting is my go-to exercise but I’m also trying acroyoga and pole-dancing lately! Join me at free acroyoga Thursday evenings at Trout Lake! What are some other ways you move?


4. Build + Maintain Routines

Structure and stability in my day-to-day life provides more certainty and a sense of groundedness, especially as I work for myself. A good start to the day makes the rest of the day so much better. My morning routine is composed of making my bed, a little bit of movement, journaling, meditation, and sometimes, reading. Even if I get nothing else done that day, my morning routine makes me feel good. Check out Miracle Morning for some inspiration. I’ll also do a blog post in the future about my daily  routines.


5. Set Boundaries + Let Go

This is the hardest but the most important. Over the years, I’ve learned to say no. I learned to say no to extra commitments and involvements, to leave toxic relationships, and to stop feeding unhealthy addictions. I used to have a superhuman mentality, that I could do EVERYTHING. But realistically, I can’t. I’ve got limited time, limited energy, and priorities. I am only human. So I’m transitioning from saying YES to everything to learning to say NO for my own wellbeing. As an example,  I’m learning to avoid mindless browsing on social media (it’s a real addiction). I use an app called QualityTime that tracks my phone usage and notifies me if I’ve been on my phone for too long. What boundaries can you set for your wellbeing?



6. Take A Moment

Meditation has been an essential self-care activity in my day to day life. The mind is a tool but nowadays we don’t use our mind, our mind is using us. Learning to turn off or rest the mind through meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and bring joy to many. Moment Meditation, Canada’s first meditation studio in Vancouver’s Gastown, is a great place to start! People also use apps like Headspace or Calm. Personally, I use the Wallflowers app and a tool called New Reality (biometric LED lights + audio beats). Mindfulness practice could also take form in prayer or immersion in nature.


7. Reflect

Self-reflection helps me ground myself. If I want to get somewhere, I need to know where I am right now. Journaling is a good way of asking myself questions like: How am I feeling right now? What would I like to do more of? What would I like to do less of? Do my time allocations align with my current priorities? What am I grateful for today? Why could I be  feeling depressed lately? These exercises can be used for gaining a sense of groundedness in the present moment and for planning for the future. I would invite you to start with the gratitude exercise every day. Small steps forward are still steps forward.


These are my top 7 self-care strategies.

Share some of your favourites in a comment or shared post!