A Chance into Healing

Louna was a student in the first cohort of Tip Labs. Read on to learn about her story and about this community’s impact on her story moving forward.


Transitioning into a new environment is never easy, but things get trickier when you are moving across the country to a big place where no one knows you.


When I first moved to Vancouver about a year ago, I wasn’t only bringing suitcases and boxes, but also a heap of unresolved mental health issues packaged underneath an anxiety about starting over. I struggled to unpack this amount within myself as I started my post-secondary education, and was reluctant and then unable to find the support I needed for this task.


Then on a chance visit online, I found a compelling blog post written by someone who felt as I did, scared and inadequate. There was one key difference, however. This brave blogger wanted to change not only herself, but the system, and what was more she wanted to help peers like me.


I took a chance on Tip Labs, hoping to absorb some of the energy and understanding Ji Youn and my cohort peers exuded when I first met them, but also to shed some of the stigma I’d adopted for myself about my mental health. What I walked away with at the end of the eight-week program was three new friends, a notebook full of notes and resources and a slight bounce in my step that I know will turn into a spring.


The structured sessions gave me a clear framework to contextualize big ideas such as effective communication and habit building, but the informality and ease of the setting also allowed me and my peers to truly open-up to each other and experience a vulnerability necessary for growth. Overall my experience with Tip Labs has given me a new lens from which to look through at my new home and my place within it.


- Louna